PAMBO Tokenomics

PAMBO is the native utility token of the Pandoshi ecosystem. It will be used as the native coin of the PandaChain, within the Metaverse Game, as a currency in Pandoshi University, and will benefit from the buy and burn mechanism of PandoshiSwap and Cardoshi. PAMBO is a deflationary asset with a buy and burn feature, and the burning of PAMBO will cease once 80% of the supply is removed from circulation. Being deflationary, PAMBO can only be accumulated either by purchasing it or through participation in official Pandoshi events.

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Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20)

BAMBOO Tokenomics (Governance)

However, within the Pandoshi ecosystem, there will be a second token, the governance token BAMBOO, which will be used by the community to vote on the future of Pandoshi. Unlike PAMBO, the governance token BAMBOO is inflationary, and its supply does not have a hard cap. BAMBOO can be obtained in two ways:

  • By purchasing it at market price on DEXs.

  • Through collateral staking of PAMBO. This is a slightly complex concept, so bear with us. When you stake PAMBO, you will be assigned a number of Shares based on the amount of PAMBO you have staked and the total amount of PAMBO staked by all participants. Therefore, your Shares will simply be the proportion of the tokens you have staked to the total PAMBO staked. For example: if there are a total of 100,000 PAMBO staked and your stake is 10,000, your Share is 10. Naturally, the more PAMBO staked, the smaller your Share becomes, leading to more decentralized voting power and influence over the project's future. However, the reward per Share or a fraction thereof will be predetermined from the start and will not be changeable. All BAMBOO tokens used for voting will be sent to a dead wallet, thus removing them from circulation.

It's important to note that BAMBOO is solely a governance token and its performance in terms of yield is not a considered factor. However, nothing prevents selling BAMBOO at market price.

PAMBO Distribution

The distribution of PAMBO tokens will be detailed subsequently:

Presale PhaseTokenPrice

Stage 1



Stage 2



Stage 3



Stage 4



Stage 5



  • 50% Public Sale: 1,000,000,000 PAMBO

  • 20% Bonus program: 400,000,000 PAMBO

  • 20% DEX liquidity: 400,000,000 PAMBO

  • 10% CEX liquidity: 200,000,000 PAMBO

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