PandoshiSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) that allows you to trade on a peer-to-peer basis. This means you can swap tokens directly on PandoshiSwap without the need for a middleman, which is more private and secure than trading your crypto assets on centralized exchanges (CEXs). It will be a DEX that won't unfoundedly ban other assets like Uniswap does, going against the principles of DeFi, and will never integrate "optional" KYC code.

PandoshiSwap will support multiple chains and feature an internal bridge for transferring assets from one chain to another. The fee will be set at 0.3%, with 70% used to reward liquidity providers and the remaining 30% allocated for the buy and burn of PAMBO. Following the launch of PandaChain, PandoshiSwap will become the official DEX of the network, supporting all ecosystem tokens and those created by the community for various projects.

Pandoshi's intention is to develop a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace for on-ramp and off-ramp services within the DEX. This would enable users to buy crypto with fiat or sell it for fiat directly within DeFi, bypassing centralized exchanges (CEXs) and KYC processes.

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